Children Summer Day Camp


Camp Report


On Tuesday August the 8th, kids had come in to partake in the first ever ACSSU Summer Camp. There were many great activities that the youth had enjoyed. The first activity was slime making, which was a bit messy, but in the end had ended in a stretchy and slimy success. Next, we began arts and crafts activities, which had released their creativity and showed their great talent in art. After that, the kids had snack time, which not only gave them a chance to fuel themselves with some energy, but also chat with each other to get to know each other better. Then, we had decided to start another group activity, which was charades. The kids were very good at acting out the word given and had made this challenging activity amusing and enjoyable. Finally, the last activity consisted of colouring pages, word searches, and connecting the dots pages. These pages were revolved around the history of Assyrians, which gave the children a chance to be exposed to the brief history of our nationality. Overall, Tuesday was a great first day for the camp and ended up as a huge success.