Encouraging higher education.

Promoting Assyrian heritage.

Raising awareness of human rights issues.




Our final count is $15,837.

For this, we would like to thank everyone who made this happen: The volunteers, the sponsors, the donors and everyone who supported us through this event.

Monthly Socials at Le Royal

Join us at Le Royal one Sunday a month for a good time! After our meetings we like to take a break and have some fun. We will be holding our monthly socials at 7 pm.

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Next Event

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We are excited to tell you about a great event brought to you by University of Toronto, Woodsworth Multicultural Fair! ACSSU at UofT will be taking part of this event as it is a chance for students to celebrate and learn about some of the many great cultures that make Canada such a wonderfully diverse country.

ACSSU at UofT will be participating in Woodsworth Multicultural Fair! this year and we want YOU to join us! Let's show all the students our beautiful culture!

Join us on Thursday, February 16th at Kruger Hall between 4pm and 8pm.


We Are

Everyday of my life I am thankful that I took that first step to join ACSSU because I have experienced so many joys in my life...
— Lark Yousif